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10 Gift Ideas for a Loved One in the Military

If your spouse, child, or significant other is in the military, you want to get them just the right gift. You want to pick out something that they'll appreciate and use often.
Serving in the military can require many different kinds of equipment and gear. Try these 10 gift ideas for the next birthday or holiday.

1. Tactical Sunglasses

Chances are, your loved one spends a lot of time working in the sun. He or she could use a pair of tactical sunglasses every day. Like other sunglasses, they offer UV protection and anti-reflective coating to shield eyes from the sun. But unlike other sunglasses, they're impact resistant. They can protect eyes from whizzing bullets or flying glass.

2. Boots

Hours of walking in rocky terrain can take its toll on the feet. If you know your loved one's shoe size, you could buy him or her a durable pair of tactical boots. Choose a steel-toe boot, which protects the toes from falling objects, chemicals, and electric shock.

3. Knife

A knife is an excellent gift choice for anyone in the military. Your loved one might need to add a combat or military knife to his or her gear. A hunting knife might come in handy for wilderness survival. Or, you could choose a multi-tool, which helps your loved one perform a variety of outdoor tasks.

4. Thermal Socks

If your loved one has an assignment during the winter, he or she will be grateful for thermal socks. Thermal socks are made of thick wool. They keep feet warm and protect them from hypothermia and frostbite. Plus, they even protect the feet from blisters.

5. Pepper Spray

When you think about gifts, pepper spray might not be the first item that comes to mind. But pepper spray can be extremely useful to anyone in the military. It gives them the option to temporarily incapacitate their enemies.

6. Range Finder

A range finder is a must-have for combat because it allows the user to pinpoint the precise distance of his or her target. It can help military personnel identify snipers and artillery. Some range finders can even determine the target's height and speed. This device can improve the accuracy of military operations and increase safety.

7. Backpack

No matter what your loved one's rank in the military, he or she needs a backpack to store all of his or her gear. Duffle bags are also a useful option. Find out what size of bag your loved one needs or prefers.

8. Tent

Is a tent on your loved one's required gear list? Purchase a military tent, which comes in camouflage colors to blend into the environment. Make sure the tent you select is weather resistant and built to stand up to tough conditions.

9. Rain Gear

Outdoor assignments can expose your loved one to rain, snow, and wind. Make sure he or she has a thick, waterproof rain jacket for his or her next assignment.

10. MREs

Military personnel don't always have the time or resources to cook meals, so MREs will come in handy. An MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) doesn't require any kind of cooking or heating—you simply add water. If your loved one doesn't use it on assignment, he or she may want it for his or her personal food storage.
If your loved one has a military assignment or deployment coming up, he or she doesn’t need chocolate, jewelry, or other typical gifts. What he or she really need is top-notch gear to protect him or her in all conditions. At Bargain Center, we carry inexpensive surplus goods for anyone in the military. Visit us today at our San Diego location.