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4 Gift Ideas fora Young Patriot

You don't have to be an adult to show off your love for the United States of America. Many children are just as passionate about their country as fully grown men and women in uniform are. If you know an elementary-aged patriot, here are some gifts you can give your child that will encourage their love of the U.S.
A Patriotic Flag
A flag makes an excellent gift for any child in elementary school. A flag reinforces what the child is learning at school, and displaying this gift on holidays makes lessons learned at school relevant to real life. Children get to see the flag itself, and you can share with them why it's displayed, how it's displayed and how it's cared for.
The current U.S. flag is the most obvious flag to get a child, but this standard flag is far from your only option. If your intended recipient already has a modern U.S. flag, you can get them a:
  • Historical U.S. flag (e.g. the Gadsden flag)
  • Military flag
  • State flag
When you decide between these choices, choose one that'll have special meaning for your recipient. For example, get them the state flag of the state they live in or a historical flag of an era they're currently studying in school. If their parent is in one of the Armed Forces, a flag from that branch of the military will be particularly moving.
A T-Shirt
If you're looking for an inexpensive gift that'll be used a lot, go with a patriotic T-shirt.
T-shirts normally don't cost a lot, which makes them ideal for add-on presents and everyday gifts. Shirts are also a viable option if you need to give several kids a present and are on a budget.
At the same time, T-shirts are widely worn by almost everyone. Your recipient will surely wear the T-shirt multiple times, and perhaps frequently if the recipient decides it's their favorite shirt.
A Monocle
A monocle is a piece of military equipment that your recipient can actually use. They'll likely need help at first, but they'll quickly be peering at objects in the distance on their own after you show them how to use the device. Soon, it might be used to watch anything from wildlife to their siblings, as well as anything else your recipient want to keep an eye on.
When purchasing a gift for an elementary-age child, you will find that a monocle has two advantages over a pair of binoculars. A monocle is easier to use because there's only one lens to peer through. It also removes the need to fit the equipment to the child's face. Anyone can squint and look through a monocle while military-grade binoculars are made for adults and often don't fit children's faces.
A Helmet
You won't be able to find an authentic military helmet that will fit an elementary-age child because kids don't serve in the Armed Forces. However, no child who gets a real military helmet will care whether it fits them, though. The child doesn't have to wear it, and they won't mind that it's too big if they do wear it.
Kids can enjoy a helmet without wearing it because it's something they can hold, touch and display. They can pass it to their friends, and they can proudly display it in their bedroom. Unlike a cloth uniform, a helmet can easily be showcased on a dresser or bookshelf.
A helmet is also a great piece for costume or dress-up play. Many kids like dressing up in clothes that are too big for them and pretending to be someone else. A helmet lets them pretend to be a soldier or officer.
For a patriotic gift that your young patriot will love, contact us at Bargain Center.