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5 Military Surplus Essentials for Hunters

Hunting is a lot of fun, but when you consider license fees, travel costs, and special clothing, this hobby can get expensive. To add to your hunting supplies, without breaking the bank, you may want to consider military surplus.
Surplus gear is often less expensive than high-end hunting gear, but as it's designed to take a beating out on the battlefield, it can definitely hold up in the forest or field.

1. Camo Clothing

A lot of hunters wear military surplus camo pants, shirts, and coats out hunting. There is some debate about whether or not this is as effective as camo that's designed to look like a forest or a field. However, lots of hunters report success, and recent research suggests that digital camo may be the most effective for deer hunting.

2. Warm, Waterproof Accessories

Whether you decide to wear military camo or not, you may want to supplement your hunting gear with some warm, waterproof accessories. In particular, military surplus shops sell socks designed to keep your feet dry and cozy through miles of hiking in potentially wet terrain.
In addition, you may want to consider rain ponchos. Military ponchos are great quality, and if a storm rolls in and you get caught out in the wilderness, they can even work as a survival tent.

3. Backpack

Military surplus backpacks are designed to carry lots of equipment safely through rough terrain. As such, they are uniquely suited to hunting. You can use these packs to carry your gear, but you can also use them to pack large animals out of the woods.
For example, if you shoot a deer or an elk miles from your vehicle, you have to chop it up on the spot. Then, you can put the pieces into plastic bags and put it all in your backpack. As an added bonus, many military backpacks are canvas so you can easily put them in the washing machine to get out the blood.

4.  JSLIST Suit

If you go the extra mile, consider a JLIST suit. This a full suit that you can wear over clothing or as clothing over underwear. It was designed to protect soldiers from chemical warfare, but it also helps reduce heat stress.
If you are hunting in relatively warm weather and doing a lot of walking, this suit can help prevent heat fatigue, but beyond that, the carbon lining helps lock in body odors. That can make you less detectable to animals.

5. Knife and Machete

A knife and machete are also options to consider. The right knife can be essential while hunting. It can allow you to cut through abandoned barb wire or cut a swatch of fabric for a tourniquet if you get injured.
A knife can also help with butchering animals out in the field or even protecting yourself if that becomes an issue. A machete is perfect for making paths through dense terrain—before cutting any living plants down, however, make sure that's allowed in the area where you are hunting.

5. Survival Gear

Finally, there are all kinds of survival gear that can help round out your hunting pack. In particular, you may want a canteen for water. In case of getting stranded, you may also want dried food stuffs and waterproof fire starters. For camping, a poncho can work as explained above, but there are also bivy sacks and other small, easy-to-tote tent alternatives you may want to consider.
Whether you are a new hunter or someone who has been pursuing animals for years, come check out the Bargain Center Army Navy Surplus Store. We have a range of military surplus items for hunters and everyone else. You may be surprised at what you find.