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Choosing the Right Hunting Knife

Hunter's Knife

Hunting wild game can be a challenging and exciting way to fill your freezer with fresh meat. Every avid hunter knows that having the right tools can make hunting a lot easier. Investing in quality knives is something that hunters should think about.

Knives can be used for a variety of survival tasks when hiking the backcountry looking for big game. Knives also play an important role in field dressing an animal once the kill is complete. Selecting a hunting knife that embodies the right characteristics will improve the quality of your hunting experiences in the future.

Fixed Blade

When it comes to purchasing a hunting knife, you will want to limit your selection to fixed-blade knives. These knives tend to be a lot stronger than folding knives because the blade material has a shaft that runs through the handle for added stability.

Your hunting knife will be required to cut through heavy bone and dense undergrowth, so you need a blade that won't snap off mid-task. A fixed blade knife can also be cleaned more thoroughly than a folding knife.

Blood, tissue, dirt, and debris can find their way into the blade channel and mechanism of a folding knife. Reaching every nook and cranny of these knives is nearly impossible, leaving your knife susceptible to bacterial growth. A fixed-blade knife will be able to handle almost any task you might face during a hunting trip.

Blade Design

Fixed-blade knives come in a variety of designs. Selecting the blade design that suits your hunting preferences will ensure you have access to a useful and reliable knife.

A drop-point blade is a great option for big game hunters. These knives have a thick, curved blade with a sharp edge that runs the length of the blade. This allows you to use the entire blade when skinning an animal rather than relying on the point alone.

Small game or bird hunters should consider investing in a quality clip-point blade. These blades are thinner and have a well-defined edge on the point. A clip-point blade can be useful when dealing with the delicate skinning of smaller game animals.

Gut Hook

Any hunting knife that you purchase should come equipped with a gut hook. This feature can make it easier to complete field dressing activities with ease.

When skinning an animal, a hunter makes a small incision on the belly of their kill. Puncturing any of the intestines or entrails while extending the incision could contaminate the meat. A gut hook is a small hook on the pointed end of a knife that can be inserted into a belly incision and pulled like a zipper to make field dressing easier.


The size of the hunting knife you purchase can have a direct impact on its usefulness in the field. A hunting knife needs to be large enough to accomplish the heavy-duty tasks of skinning and quartering large game, but small enough to be portable while hiking through the backcountry.

A knife blade that is too long can be difficult to wield, and it can impede your movement while walking. Stick with a mid-sized blade that has a handle which fits comfortably in your hand. The knife should feel balanced and secure, and the handle should fit firmly within your grip to prevent slipping or falling.

Bargain Center has a large selection of quality hunting knives to choose from. Take a look at the hunting knives available, and let the experienced staff help you evaluate your needs to find the knife that is best suited to serve as an asset during upcoming hunting trips.