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Give Your Doomsday Prepper a Gift They Can Use

In the U.S. many people are prepping for doomsday, including events like natural disasters, financial havoc or potential war. If you know a “doomsday prepper” and are wondering what gift they would want, consider giving them a gift they can use.
Many prepping supplies are found at military surplus and retail stores that cater to individuals preparing for survival in adverse situations and conditions. Help someone you love to prepare for the worst with the following gift ideas.
Survival Knives
Consult any survivalist checklist and one of the most common items found is a good knife, but what constitutes a good knife? With many options, the right choice could depend on the individual and what they’d use the knife for. Some of the choices are:
  • Combat knives
  • Boning knives
  • Multi-tools
  • Pen knives
  • Dive knives
  • Machetes
The best approach is to visit a military surplus store to see the selection of knives yourself.
You really can't go wrong with a high-end pair of binoculars, and these make great gifts for anyone, including non-preppers too! Whether your recipient wants night-vision or simply wants to do some bird-watching, the right pair of binoculars makes a tasteful and pragmatic gift that appeals to all ages.
Protect the sight and eyes of someone you love with a pair of ballistic goggles. Protective eyewear is a must have for any prepper, protecting their eyes from projectiles, debris and fragments.
Military-grade goggles will provide better vision and clarity for the wearer, which is invaluable during an emergency or crisis.
Check out the wide-range of tactical clothing available, from gloves and socks to holsters and slings, you can find the perfect gift to give to someone who wants to be prepared for anything.
Tactical outdoor wear is water-resilient and ensures your recipient is comfortable outside if the weather turns sour. These are practical gifts that are always appreciated and worn!
There are other clothing options too, for example, even the novice prepper will benefit from a high-quality wool shirt. These will keep them warm and dry, and a reputable brand shirt will last for years. Consider classic tartan plaids and solid colors that suit the individual's taste and when in doubt, go with a size larger.
Give your prepper something to signify their patriotism, like a high-quality flag. Check out flags that represent values, states, POW or MIA, gay pride or personal interests, like the military. These make exceptional gifts that will be proudly displayed and cherished for many years to come.
If you really want to make an impression on your recipient, consider buying them a great pair of boots. From steel-toes to cowboy boots, a pair of boots is far more than a fashion statement. Boots can make an impact in overall well-being because boots will keep feet dry in adverse conditions. Consider giving your prepper a pair of military, steel or composite-toe footwear.
Another perfect gift is a great set of rain-gear. Look for high-quality brands with positive customer reviews online. A jacket, overalls or waders make great options for someone that spends a lot of their time outdoors.
Pepper Spray
Another nifty gift is pepper spray. Pepper spray is a popular gift idea, providing many with a sense of safety and security that is invaluable. With options such as key-chain sprays, it is possible for anyone to have a line of defense always available, including in times of disaster or emergency.
Trying to find something for the prepper in your life? Visit Bargain Center in Southern California for all of your gift-giving needs, as well as some ideas you may not have thought of. Give someone you care about a gift that they will appreciate and use in times of crisis.