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Going Jogging Alone? Gear You Need For Safe Exercise

Jogging is an excellent way to burn calories and stay in shape. You can get many health benefits from jogging, including a reduction in high blood pressure, stronger bones and greater endurance for other activities.
Jogging alone puts you at risk for injury or even attack: studies show that runners may have an increased chance of getting assaulted or worse, especially when they exercise alone. If you prefer to jog by yourself or don't have a running buddy to join you, be prepared by having these items with you for safe exercise.
Cell Phone​
Your cell phone should always be with you when you are jogging so you can call for assistance if needed or simply let loved ones know where you are if you change your normal route. Keep your cell phone charged and in your pocket or another easily accessible area when you are jogging.​
Pepper Spray​
Pepper spray can be purchased at your local outdoor supplies store or military surplus store. This tool can be carried in your pocket or other area and can be used to spray the eyes of an attacker or vicious animal.

Prior to using your pepper spray, have a representative in the store where you purchase your protective item show you how the product works. Always keep the nozzle away from your face, and keep this protective gear out of reach of children or pets when not carrying it with you.
Consider keeping pepper spray on your person at all times or in your car, purse, workout bag or even on a keychain. In the event of an attack, the chemical used in these sprays can irritate the assailant's eyes and immobilize them, allowing you to escape to safety.
A loud whistle can also be purchased at your local military surplus or outdoor supplies store. A whistle emits a loud sound, alerting other people in the area that you are in danger. Whistles can even help keep a would-be assailant or approaching animal at bay. Wear a whistle around your neck for easy access without interfering with your jogging routine.
Waist Belt
Gone are the days of the unfashionable fanny pack; today's bags meant for the waist are slim and attractive in design. A waist belt is a thin bag with pockets that you fit to your waist for housing important items. You can buy a waist belt at your local army surplus store and outfit it with the following items for safe jogging practices:
  • Cash/ID
  • Feminine products
  • First aid kit
  • Inhaler/personal medication
  • Pocket knife
Your waist belt should fit snugly around your hips or natural waist (depending on where you place the garment), yet be loose enough to allow you ample movement. You can choose from many different styles and designs of waist belts, including waterproof materials for extreme weather jogging.
Jogging is an excellent form of exercise that is healthy for both the body and the mind. If you have the right safety tools with you, you can exercise with confidence nearly anywhere you wish. Make a checklist of the supplies you need prior to shopping for them and choose a representative to assist you in making your purchases.
You can purchase your protective gear as well as comfortable clothing, bags, shoes and more from a military surplus store. Your sales representative will help you choose the right equipment for enjoyable jogging during all kinds of weather or terrain.
Our inventory at Bargain Center will meet your jogging protection needs as well as your budget. Allow our knowledgeable staff to help you in choosing the gear that will help make your outdoor exercise much safer.