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New and Innovative Camping and Hiking Gear

Campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers have a variety of new and innovative outdoor gear available to choose from today. These new camping and hiking designs are often based off of or inspired by outdoor gear for military personnel.
If you like to hike and camp, you can use the latest outdoor gear to make these activities safer and more comfortable than in the past. To find a good selection of new and innovative outdoor gear, go to a military surplus store. Here are some of the items that are currently available for your next hiking and camping trip.


A backpack is one of the most important items a camper and hiker can have. The main purpose of a backpack is to evenly distribute the weight of carried gear to the hips and shoulders of the user.
This weight redistribution allows campers and hikers to carry a lot of equipment for a long distance and for a long period of time. Here are some of the features that are currently available in new backpacks.
Aluminum Frame
Today's backpack can have an interior or exterior aluminum frame or no frame at all. Aluminum is used for the backpack frame because it is strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant.
Removable Daypack
Many backpacks have a small, removable daypack that can be detached from the main pack. These small daypacks are perfect for a day hike or a supply run.
Reservoir Staying hydrated is very important when hiking and camping. Because of this, many new backpacks come with a hydration compartment that can hold 2.5 to 3.0 liters of drinking water. To access this reservoir, use the attached flexible drinking tube so you can drink water while you hike.

Camp Lanterns

Campers today continue to use camp lanterns for nighttime illumination. The benefit of using a camp lantern is that it can shine a lot of light in a 360˚ area without generating a significant amount of heat.
Camp lanterns were traditionally powered by liquid fuels such as kerosene, gasoline, or white gas. But these liquids are highly flammable and give off toxic fumes. To avoid carrying and using these liquids, you can get a new camp lantern powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
These rechargeable batteries are safer and can run from 3 to 80 hours depending on the size of the lantern and brightness setting. To recharge these batteries, plug them into a battery recharging box powered by a portable solar battery panel.

Portable Solar Battery Panels

To generate and store solar energy when camping, use portable solar battery panels. To charge these panels with solar energy, attach them to the top of your backpack as you hike to expose them to sunlight.
You can also place these lightweight and flexible panels in a sunny location in your campsite to charge them. These portable solar panels also often come equipped with USB ports to power a cell phone or other electronic devices.

Glow-in-the-Dark Tent Stakes and Ropes

Many new camping tent designs are now available today in a variety of sizes. One new design feature that is very prevalent on new camping tents is glow-in-the-dark tent stakes and ropes.
Once a camping tent has been set up with these stakes and ropes, they soak up solar energy during the day which makes them glow at night. This useful feature allows campers to easily see the stakes and ropes in the dark and avoid tripping on them.
These items are just some of the new and innovative outdoor gear that is currently available for campers and hikers. To find these and other outdoor gear designs, contact the Bargain Center Army Navy Surplus Store. We have military surplus items and outdoor gear for all your hiking and camping needs.