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Survival Safety: 3 Types of Optical Items Your Gear Bag Needs

tactical sunglass
Survivalists are safety conscious people. The desire to keep themselves and their families safe is the reason that they spend so much time preparing for any potential disaster. Optical gear is either used for protecting the eye directly or for providing assistance to see more clearly. It is one safety item that every scenario requires because seeing clearly is crucial. 
Certified Ballistic Goggles
Goggles are handy for every gun owner. Goggles are not a survival-only safety tool, but one that most people regularly need as they train, hunt, or prep. Ballistic glasses help to protect the eyes from any type of projectile that people may encounter when out in the field. They also protect the eye from a recoil injury.
Ballistic and military goggles are similar as both must meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. However, military-grade goggles must also pass MIL-DTL-43511D testing as well to ensure they will withstand the extreme conditions that soldier experience. APEL rated goggles are the most durable and efficient, and this rating is given to the top products. 
Choosing military goggles with an APEL (U.S. Army Approved) rating means that the wearer will have the ultimate in protective eyewear. They are chemical resistant, have UV protection, and can be sanitized. In addition, the glasses are not vulnerable to fogging in extreme temperature changes. 
Durable Tactical Sunglasses
Tactical glasses are used by many people when target shooting or hunting because they do offer an advanced level of eye protection over basic sunglasses. This style of eyewear is suitable for everyday use, but it does not have the peripheral protection that makes them completely safe in situations where there are a lot of projectiles. 
Tactical sunglasses should be kept for daily wear whenever someone is outside in the daytime. The nonglare lens reduces the polarization of sunlight reflecting off surfaces, so it enhances the view for the wearer. The glasses are also UV-rated to prevent eye damage from the harsh rays of the sun. 
There are a variety of options available in tactical glasses. Many are more stylish than goggles and have different polarization levels or interchangeable lenses, so they are functional in all types of lighting. The most important features to watch for are fog-resistant coatings and scratch-resistant lenses to ensure the glasses remain functional. 
Reliable Nightvision Opticals
A night-vision scope is always invaluable, but no one wants to have to raise their gun every time they want to see after dark. Purchasing a variety of night vision optical gear is the best way to have visibility no matter what is going on at the moment. This means purchasing at least a spotting scope and binoculars. 
Nightvision gear is rated from a Generation 1 to a Generation 3. Higher numbers provide a better image but are also more expensive. Most people receive an ample amount of quality from Generation 2 equipment. Adding an IR flashlight will boost the quality of the image and increase the viewing distance. 
Eye protection matters, but so does the vision of the person that wears it. In the middle of an emergency situation, it is not always possible to prevent damage to eyeglasses, and changing out contacts during a disaster is also risky. Avoid this misstep and consider vision correction as a vital step while prepping. LASIK surgery is a good solution for people that want to be instantly ready for anything.
Organized and prepared people are the ones that survive disasters and recover faster, regardless of the circumstances around them. At the Bargain Center, we assist all of our customers in finding everything they need to make certain their loved ones are protected. Stop by or contact us for the latest in optical equipment and all other safety supplies.