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Treasure Hunting: Gear You Need While Using a Metal Detector

Folding Pocket Knives

Using a metal detector is a common hobby people love to do while looking for various pieces of buried treasure. From jewelry to coins, there are all types of metal objects buried in the ground people have discovered over the years.

Along with having a working metal detector, it's important to have the proper gear while going on trips. Whether you're visiting beaches, parks, or deep forests, the proper gear can go a long way in ensuring you are protected and have everything you need while out in the field.

A number of military surplus supplies and items turn out to be ideal pieces of gear for your metal detector journeys. Browse through various ideas to see how each one can benefit your trips.

Pocket Vest

As your metal detector start finding items, you'll be doing a lot of digging. You'll likely come across coins and small metal objects that may need to be cleaned off. To keep things organized while on the go, wear a pocket vest. A pocket vest feature numerous organization pockets that can zip or snap shut.

As you find items, they can be placed into pockets and keep there until your journey is complete. Having instant access to the pocket saves time from opening up bags or using some other type of storage solution. The number of different pockets also makes it easy to keep items separate from each other as you discover various pieces of buried treasure.

Military grade pocket vests are durable for multiple weather conditions and can also help hold other accessories you may need for your travels.


Once you've discovered something underground, you never know what type of obstacles you will run into. Roots, small stones, and nests of bugs are just a few of the obstacles that can cause problems as you dig.

One way to help get through it all is with a pocket knife. A knife can easily cut through roots and help dig out rocks that may be in the way. You can reach the treasure faster and avoid any issues preventing you from digging the metal object up.

Folding pocket knives are easy to carry while using a metal detector and will not take up too much space while still providing you with the necessary tool to access things underground.


While exploring the outdoors and using a metal detector, wearing heavy duty gloves is essential. A pair of gloves can protect you from various elements. You may find yourself going through weeds, prickers, and other brush that could cut up your hands.

As you dig for treasure, you want to avoid cutting your hand on sharp rocks or sharp metal objects. A pair of gloves also gives you a better grip while using the metal detector. The gloves make every process of treasure hunting a lot easier, no matter what type of terrain or area you are searching on.

Steel-Toed Boots

As you go to different areas, you never know what you will be walking through. Sandy beaches, muddy trails, or thick forests are just a few of the options. To help stay protected and comfortable, purchase a pair of steel-toed boots.

A pair of insulated boots can offer protection from elements and keep your feet warm when needed. The boots can become your go-to footwear each time you use the metal detector. The durability makes it easy for hiking or going over a lot of rough terrain.

A similar option is a composite toe work boot. These boots are lighter and can make it easier on your feet and legs during long walks.

Visit our Bargain Center store for all your metal detector accessory needs. You will be ready to go on all of your metal detecting adventures after just one shopping trip.